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Wellness Cat food is a type of cat food that is manufactured by the company “Old Mother Hubbard”. Old Mother Hubbard’s production facility is located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Although this facility has been operational since 1961, the Old Mother Hubbard company was actually founded in 1926, and was located at that time in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In 1926, the company was called “A. Hubbard and Sons Bakery”, and was primarily known for manufacturing hard-tack sea biscuits. However, at the founding of the company in 1926, “A. Hubbard and Sons Bakery” also began producing dog biscuits, once they discovered that their biscuits were also appealing to dogs. The company was purchased in 1961 by an animal nutrition specialist, and eventually migrated to its current location in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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micky-shavedManx fur is very unique – there is a soft down-like undercoat with longer guard hairs. Not all manx are prone to matting, but those that are usually mat with a vengeance. As soon as a mat starts to form, it goes like wildfire all over the cat.

The best thing to do is groom your manx cat’s fur every single day – be vigilant in the warmer summer months to make sure that matting hasn’t started. Once it does, even if it’s just a little, it’s wise to take kitty to the groomer to have the smaller (easier to get at) mats shaved out. This prevents the mats from spreading, as they tend to do. Then the cat gets to keep his/her coat. As long as you are vigilant. Otherwise you and kitty will endure the indignity of the lion cut look lol.

I’ve heard it told that even Persian breeders have an easier time grooming their long haired cats. Longhair manx (sometimes called Cymric) coats are not as long as a Persian’s but it is still pretty mid-length. It’s that undercoat that sometimes gets out of control. And when it does, it’s like clumped cotton candy.

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As we do not currently have a full male manx, we are not breeding. Micky was altered after Willow and Rune were born – but Willow remains whole so we can keep that loving, lovely line. Pixie had to have emergency pyo surgery – and we were sad to lose her line – but she made it and is even more wonderful and spunky than ever.

I lost my job end of March this year and have since been working at home. I do web design and graphics and am a huge fan of WordPress blogs. If you have a small business or cattery you’d like to get online, you can have your website domain purchased, registered and hosted within an hour. I’m not kidding! Web design sometimes takes a bit longer, but I can work with any budget. I have a huge list of favorite WordPress blog theme sites – with hundreds of themes to choose from. It’s just a matter of personalizing the theme for your needs. That’s it, that’s all. Nothing complicated about it.

I also rank sites on the search engines. That means if you want your cattery to rank on page one of Google (no other search engine matters, Google IS king), then there are search engine optimization tips and tricks to make that happen. It takes more than a few tips and tricks on-page to make your site rank, but that’s ok, I’ve been doing this for some 10 years and have been employed professionally for several years. If you are interested in getting your cattery site to page one of the search engines – I’m your guru. Contact me for more info.

A good start to getting your cattery or cat related website to page one on Google is to list it in relevant directories.

- Cat Breeder Directory

- Breeder Directory

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How many times have you bought expensive cat toys for your cats? They play with the new toy for a while and then it’s tossed into a corner and forgotten. My lot loves the simple things. Q-tips, scrinched up paper balls, even a plastic straw! With today’s economy, saving money on expensive cat toys is a good thing!

If you are crafty and want to make easy cat toys yourself, you can make your own cat toys. Modern Cat has a weekend giveaway of cat toys made by Etsy designers. All you need to do is make a comment on the various posts to be entered into the draw!

Or you could buy the “Make Your Own Cat Toys Book” from Amazon below.

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I still get lots of email and the occassional phone call about manx in Canada. As far as I know, I am still the only registered breeder in Canada in any registry. That being so, I often refer people to breeders in the USA. Of course that’s where and how I got my foundation cats some 5 years or so ago now.

If you know of any Canadian manx breeders, active ones, pop me an email or reply to this post ;)

Otherwise, if you are one of the many who find their way to Mystic Tails only to be disappointed we have no kittens… there is still hope for you! Contact one of the very reputable catteries I deal with on my links page. I have happily dealt with and sent referals to Romannx, Currtail and AnaManx for many years.

Lastly, do join the website (it’s free) to be informed of when we do have kittens expected or available. I’m hoping by next summer sometime. We plan to buy a house in the spring, so we’ll see!

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