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Mystic Tails Pixie Dust
Mystic Tails Pixie Dust - dilute calico van
  • Mystic Tails Runefire
  • Currtail's Maggie Mae of Mystic Tails
  • Sacred Purr's Moondancer of Mystic Tails
  • Mystic Tails Pixie Dust
  • Pixie and Fozzy
  • Mystic Tails Runefire
  • Mystic Tails Willow Wisp
  • Mystic Tails Marvelous Marvin
  • Hunter and Pixie
  • Rune
  • Kitten Rune
  • Hunter Kitten


Mystic Tails is not currently expecting any kittens. We are not currently breeding and do not have a full male at this time.

If you are seeking a manx kitten, I highly recommend any of the Manx Breeders listed in my links section.

Please note that there are currently NO other registered Manx breeders in all of Canada. In CFA or CCA. Mystic Tails is the only registered manx cattery in all of Canada. If you do know of a registered manx breeder in Canada, let me know! I will happily list them if they are reputable and active.

Mystic Tails is a CFA registered cattery.

marvin-bree Please join this website (it’s free!) if you’d like to be informed of available cats and kittens at Mystic Tails Manx.

Please be advised that we do NOT keep a waiting list.

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