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Manx Boys

Sacred Purr’s Moondancer

mickymay08Long hair Cameo Tabby Dock Tail

Pretty Boy, Mickelas, Mickens, Lovey Lovey, Micky Mouse

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Micky is a very laid back, mellow guy who is the obvious man of the house. He oversees everybody and everything that happens in our home. And there is never a bag of any kind that comes into the house uninspected by Micky. He’s convinced that all bags contain treats for him. Or if not then they must have some other kind of mysterious meaning he must discover. If all else fails, he’ll sleep on the bag and make it ‘his’. This includes guest purses! Mick will take turns laying near one of us and can even be found lounging on the carpet in front of the main door, waiting for ‘daddy’ to come home from work. Nothing happens here that Mick doesn’t know about or supervise.

Micky is always the first cat to greet strangers. He just loves everyone. He doesn’t throw himself at anyone, he just charms unconsciously (or not?) and accepts undying admiration. He’s not the kind of guy to flop on your lap, but he certainly doesn’t mind a cuddle and kiss. He curls his paws when he’s really purry and happy. If we have male visitors, Micky will stare them down to make sure they know it’s HIS territory. But after a few minutes he’ll happily accept pets and scritches, as soon as you’ve introduced yourself and offered your hand for a sniff.

Micky is a joy to have around and his easy going, happy go lucky nature shows in every one of his kittens.

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