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Mystic Tails Pixie Dust
Mystic Tails Pixie Dust - dilute calico van
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Manx Girls

CH Currtail’s MaggieMaymystic-tails-maggie

Red MacTabby and White SH Rumpy

Miss Maggie, Mags, Miss Pretty, Bumblebutt

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Maggie is a very special soul who is quite shy. She’s a very loving mother and absolutely adores all of her kittens. She’s afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises (so am I!), but otherwise, Maggie is never far from my side. We have a special bond and I count her tender attentions all the more wonderfull for her shy nature.

Maggie is a very cobby and typy manx girl. So far I’ve kept 2 girls from her who I hope will continue to produce gorgeous, typy kittens just like her.

A very warm and heartfelt thank you to Roslyn Curry of Currtail Manx for blessing us with this very special lady.

pixie0507Mystic Tails Pixie Dust

LH Dilute Calico Van with Odd Eyes

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Pixie Doodle

Pixie is a bonifide Diva. She is Fire and Ice just like her eyes. She’s the Instigator and Trouble Maker who daintily lifts one paw, tilts her head and claims, “Who? Me?” as if being accused unjustly. She’s a spark of energy who frolicks about with gleeful abandon. She’s often the one that made something go crash in the night!

Most of all, Pixie is a Lady. She insists on being brushed daily. Heaven forbid one of the other cats should be brushed before her! As soon as I sit down at the grooming table and before I pick up the brush, she’s running to come get her share. What a doll! Pixie just loves being brushed.

I’m sure Pixie will give us some fabulous (and colorful) kittens.

Mystic Tails Willow Wispwillow4may08

LH Cameo and White Classic Tabby Stubby

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Willow Pillow, Lil Willow

Willow is just as spunky as her older sister, Pixie. She’s a very gentle soul though, quiet and contemplative. Much like her father, Micky, Willow must inspect everything and be involved in everything. Also like her daddy, Fearless Willow is up front meeting strangers and showing off how gorgeous she is. If there’s play involved, Willow has her game on!

Willow loves cuddles and will snuggle with nearly anyone. I’m hoping she continues Micky’s line with more happy go lucky, gentle and loving kittens just like she is.

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