We live on the 18th floor of a high rise apartment building (not much longer, we’re buying a house by next spring), and every now and then.. a pigeon couple drops by for a visit. We usually know they are there by the cooing going on. The cats know what the word “bird” means. Even from a paw curling slumber or a concentrated chow down of a plate of wet food, the cats will run for the window with that word, “bird”.

Fortunately, the window is wide enough for 7 cats. I have been trying to get a photo of them all on the widow sill there staring down the pigeon couple on the balcony railing (which is solid cement). There was a visit just a while ago, and Rune is still faithfully keeping watch, but the couple flew off - probably due to the 7 sets of beady eyeballs watching their every move.

Pixie slinks low and stealthy, her gorgeous tail twitches now and then to let you know she’s got a target in sight. Rune freezes in place like a statue and moves forward in wee increments, like a twitch, until he gets as close as he can be. Micky just rushes in and freezes, he’s got to try to muscle in for a front seat. Willow and Maggie usually hang back a bit, but will definitely elbow for a spot when it’s quite clear the pigeons are going to be there for a bit (why waste their precious time for only a few minutes of staring).  It’s Hunter and Maggie who “chatter” at the pigeons. Quite noticeably too lol. Especially Hunter, who is otherwise the quietest, gentlest soul in the house. Ironically he is a ferocious hunter - bird care in our house involves voracious drooling at the window.  Lastly, Fozzy Bear usually eyes the lot of them twitching and muttering for prime real estate on the window sill with a grunt of “whatever”. If he’s already near the window on the couch beneath it, he may make an effort to look for the pigeons, but otherwise he’ll happily mock the others while lounging below on the floor.

What do your cats do when they see prey out their window?

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